Classic And Popular Tudor North Flag Fake UK Watches With Black Dials For Sale

Tudor North Flag is less famous than Heritage Black Bay. But North Flag keeps lots of good brand traditions and essences, appealing to both modern ladies and gentlemen. Today’s models are made from satin-finished steel. The whole image is reliable and solid. Tudor North Flag replica watches with yellow seconds hands have 40mm steel cases which are carried with Cal. MT5621, self-winding mechanical movements tested by COSC.

Their black dials can display practical and reliable functions clearly.

Accurate Tudor North Flag Replica Watches

The precise automatic movements can wind up in both directions by rotors. Their power reserve is about 70 hours. There are white luminescent indexes and Arabic numerals as hour markers on the black dials. The central hour and minute hands are also carried with luminescent plating. People can see the time in the dark. A date indicator is set at 3 o’clock. The whole neat dial has some yellow elements to add dynamic feelings. The central yellow seconds hand has a white luminescent tip. And a yellow power reserve indicator with a small luminescent hand is at 9 o’clock.

Their calibers can guarantee precise and stable performances.

Tudor North Flag Knockoff Watches With Swiss Automatic Movements

The decent Tudor copy watches use hard sapphire-resistant sapphire glasses to protect the delicate dials. Their waterproofness is good, reaching 100m deep. And the steel bracelets are made up of three rows of chain links, having firm and flexible features. Their appearances are decent and classic, together with practical functions, making the timepieces popular with watch lovers.

Uk Powerful And Cool Tudor Heritage Black Bay Replica Watches With Matte Black Steel Cases

Tudor Black Bay watches are made from blue steel, creating a reliable and tough image. Tudor Heritage replica watches with automatic movements are appealing to cool and young boys. The timepieces are also regearded as a good fashion item. Then the black steel wrist watches have 41mm black PVD steel cases whose size fits males. The black cases have simple and rounded lines. They can give people a deep impression full of strength and power.

The black dials have white luminescent dots and indexes as hour markers. Their central hour and minute hands have typical brand designs. There is no date indicator or sub-dial. The whole dials have simple and decent designs. Then their black steel bezels are unidirectional rotatable, covered with anodised aluminium rings. The best Tudor Heritage replica watches are driven by Cal. MT5602, self-winding mechanical movements with COSC certifications. The accurate movements can guarantee the precise and reliable functions.

Besides, the power reserve is approximate 70 hours. The firm and unique cases also have an excellent water-resistance reaching 200m deep. The domed sapphire glasses are solid enough to resist most scratches. The outstanding knockoff watches have flexible and secure steel bracelets. The harmonious and calm feelings make the timepieces welcomed by fashion and modern people.