Limited-Edition Harry Winston Premier Fake Watches UK With Pink Mother-Of-Pearl Dials To Celebrate The Year Of Monkey

Premier collection launches a new limited edition to celebrate the year of monkey. We can see a lively monkey made of 24k pure gold foil. The obvious monkey pattern makes the design theme look very distinct. And the materials are all precious and glossy. The 36mm round cases are made of 18k rose gold and paved with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds whose total weight is about 2.56 karats.

Harry Winston Premier copy watches with black straps are driven by Cal. HW2008, self-winding mechanical movements with 28 rubies. Their frequency is 4Hz and the power reserve is long-lasting. The most appealing design is the delicate dial. The pink mother-of-pearl dials have many exquisite details. First, there are no hour markers on the whole dials. Only a baguette-cut diamond is set at 12 o’clock. The 14k gold monkey is climbing upwards. Then there are just hour and minute hands in the center all made of 18k rose gold.

The limited edition is launched 8 pieces in total. Harry Winston replica watches with automatic movements have skilled carving and insetting crafts. Their appearances are extremely luxury and impressive. The diamond decorations are sparkling and eye-catching, together with pink dials, all attractive to young ladies.

Harry Winston Replica Watches The road to Opus 14 – Part 3

— A focus on the Opus 7 and Opus 9 models. Case designs in the Opus series start to evolve and we see the first rectangular Opus cheap replica watches.


The collaboration between Harry Winston and Andreas Strehler led to a genuinely architectural model in the Opus series. The focus of attention is the huge butterfly-shaped bridge that arches over the movement. Aside from its aesthetic effect, this large wheel is the result of Andreas Strehler removing the second wheel in order to reduce friction in the movement. The two remaining wheels, though larger, turn more slowly and therefore generate less friction.


Opus 7.
© Harry Winston

With this construction dominating the lower half of the Swiss replica watches, Andreas Strehler devised an ingenious means to display the hours, minutes and power reserve on the same disc at 2 o’clock. The disc only rotates on demand when the pusher integrated into the crown is pressed. One push turns the disc to display the hours (white Arabic numerals), a second push displays the minutes (blue Arabic numerals) and a third push shows the power reserve, which by no mere coincidence is 60 hours, meaning that the minute scale can also be used to display the power reserve.


Case back of the Opus 7.
© World Famous Replica Watches Sale

The understated case design is intended to further highlight the beauty of the movement. It is inspired by the Harry Winston Ocean model but with more direct lines and tauter edges than the traditional Ocean case and with the noticeable difference of integrated lugs and an articulated lever to operate the crown.

Opus 9, produced in collaboration with designer Eric Giroud and movement constructor Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, marked a radical departure in the Opus series. The large case is almost a square shape, has no hands and no visible movement components. Yet the piece still manages to capture the essence of the Harry Winston as good as (if not even better than) its predecessors, since it uses an arrangement of precious stones to display the hours and minutes in a linear fashion. The stones in question are baguette-cut diamonds typical of Harry Winston that have been set into brass chains (with an individual mandarin garnet to indicate the hours and minutes) in a way that recalls the invisible settings in Harry Winston jewellery.


Opus 9.
© Cheap Fake Watches

Setting the stones on such chains is a challenge in itself. Driving the chains along their respective scales is an altogether different feat. First of all, a powerful movement is required to move the weight of the chains and diamonds; secondly, the rotary movement from the self-winding calibre has to be converted into a linear movement for the time display. This is done by a rack and pinion system. Finally, the whole ensemble must be firmly secured in a frame that nevertheless offers an all-around view of the chains both front and back. With the internal workings completely hidden for the first time in the Opus series and the diamonds for which Harry Winston is famous taking a functional role in the time display, Eric Giroud and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht captured the very essence of what a Harry Winston Opus piece should be.

Visit the new Harry Winston Opus website for more information on the complete Harry Winston Opus Series and the build-up to the Opus 14 launch