UK Breguet, Together With Madrid Royal Opera House, Pays A Tribute To Spanish Tenor Jose Bros

Breguet has cooperated with Madrid Royal Opera House for over 4 years. On April 26 of this year, Breguet and the opera house together payed a tribute to famous Spanish Tenor Jose Bros who has 25 years glory career.

Jose Bros

Breguet held a private cocktail party in the opera hose. During the party, Jose Bros sang Zarzuela tracks and all the guests together enjoy the beauty of three exquisite watches fake Breguet Marine, including  5517, 5527 and 5547.

Madrid Royal Opera House

All the three perfect replica watches are made from polished 18k white gold decorated with coin pattern. Besides, they all have blue rubber straps and blue dials with waved pattern and Roman numerals and remarkable hands. When you see these three editions, you can think of the blue ocean and you can recognize that they belong to Marine.

The 18k white gold copy watches have blue dials and blue rubber straps.

18K White Gold Copy Breguet Marine Watches

The 18k white gold fake watches have blue dials.

Blue Dials Fake Breguet Marine Watches

Of course, these three splendid watches copy Breguet have different major functions – date (5517), chronograph (5527) and music chime (5547). Especially 5547, it has addition dual time zone function and power reserve display function, which is outstanding.

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Amazing watch fake Patek Philippe Twenty~4 4908/113 is the one and only which is worth for 749,880 dollars. Why it is so expensive? Because the luxury watch is made from 18k white gold and diamonds.

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Luxury Fake Patek Philippe Twenty~4 4908/113 Watch

There are 39 diamonds on the dial, 42 diamonds on the case, 484 diamonds on the bracelet and 1 diamond on the crown. The whole 536 diamonds are 50.57 carats.

The movement number of this edition is 3369667 and the case number is 4266960. Made in 2004, the perfect copy watch is worth having.

The luxury copy watch is made from 18k white gold and diamonds.

Diamond Watch Copy Patek Philippe Twenty~4 4908/113

Though female cares more appearances of stuff than performances. The charming watch has both attractive appearance and reliable performance. We all known that Patek Philippe is the world famous watch brand. Its watches are precise and durable. This marvelous watch replica Patek Philippe is not only precise timepiece, but also precious jewelry.